Yesterday was a fun day. It started with house cleaning (yep, isn't fun when your house is clean?) then family lunch. I promised Miss Jo to take her to Claire's (4.5 and already loving accecories?) so that's where we headed after lunch. She picked a pair of cute little dragon fly stud earring and it was on sale for $1. Hmm.. good eye and good style, girl! :) After that we headed to Barnes and Nobles for book readings. I also promised her that I would buy her silly bands and she kept reminding me about that during our bus ride. She picked fruit silly bands and I was ready to cancel the grocerry shopping plan as I was afraid she would be too tired. But she said, "It's OK mama, I have strong legs!" LOL... So off we went to buy some fruits and vegetables.

On our way home she suddenly said, "I feel so sorry for you, mama," I asked her why and she mentioned that I had to carry those heavy bags by myself. She then touched my arms and said, "I am giving you allergy mama so your hands are strong," I cracked up so loud when I realized that she meant "energy" instead of "allergy".
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