We (well, I to be precise) decided to have a mini vacation before the summer school break started. Miss Jo had been saying repeatedly how she would love to go to Sesame Place. "I don't want to go to Disney. I just want to go to Sesame Place." Oh sweet child o' mine, how I totally agree with you because of course it would save me hundreds of dollars. *lol*

So E and I planned this trip secretly. We wanted to give her a surprise because she has been a total sweetheart all this time. Turned out she is too smart. She could sense that I was googling searching hotels when she saw Sesame Place word on the computer. Sigh...

On the day of the trip, we only told her that we were going to stay in a nice hotel for couple of days. But she immediately knew that we were going to Sesame Place as soon as she saw all the logo and pictures of Sesame characters in the parking lot. So it was not a huge surprise anymore :( but she did have a wonderful time, I believe. She hugged me and said, "Thank you, mama for the best surprise ever." Of course, E prepped her. *lol*

I am still working on editing pics from this trip but here's some...

Nuf said, Mr. Big Bird
M4H little rainbow soft pop

Not too much, Zoe
M4H little raimbow

Got to take a pic with Zoe
M4H little raimbow 2

Can't you tell that she's having a good time?
M4H Chocolate sprinkles 3

Water Fun
.Water fun.

M4H little rainbow soft pop creamsickle 3

M4H little rainbow soft pop creamsickle 2

It was so hot on the first day of our visit to Sesame. I immediately got a migraine. So not fun! We decided to come back to our hotel earlier at 6.00 pm and hit the pool. I noticed this beautiful sun flare while we were swimming and of course had to run to our room to grab the camera. :) What can I say I love sunset more than sunrise.

Sun flare love
.Sun flare love.

.I Cherish You.


Her expression cracks me up!
PTM tropical sunshine M4H chocolate sprinkles

TEXT PTM tropical sunshine M4H chocolate sprinkles3

PTM tropical sunshine M4H chocolate sprinkles2

M4H Chocolate sprinkles 6
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