.You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. ~ C. S. Lewis ~

Yes, I have dreams. I dream of having my own photography exhibition. I dream of having my own photography business. I dream of having a gallery where people can buy scrapbook materials and do their scrapbooking in that gallery while sipping coffee and eating biscotti. I know it is too much :)

But... it's been an awesome week! I am so excited that a professional photog that I have been following on Facebook asked me if I would like to mess around with some of his images. Two other highlights of the day, Joy of Joy Photography invited me to participate in 30 Days of Gratitude starting in November (you are welcome to join as well!) and Laura Thomas of Pretty Presets asked me to be one of her four testers for her new vintage texture set released next week. Oooohhh.... I am soooo excited and honored!

Btw, I think my new water mark is just too much. I just couldn't help trying free photoshop brushes I found online. :)
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