Ms. J insisted to watering the grass when we went to a nearby park last weekend to get some pics. I can tell that she really loved doing it.

I read many times about finding your photography style and I am still not sure what that means or what does it include to? Does it mean that we have to shoot using a consistent angle? Does it mean we have to use the same tone in our pictures? I am really not sure. I shoot from the angle that I like and I have been trying different tones with my pictures lately. I guess I do not have a consistent style. LOL.

On another note, I have been thinking that it would be nice to try to shoot with film camera and really learn about dark room. Wouldn't it be nice? The digital world has made it so easy for use to correct our images in the post processing. However, I believe that it would be nice if we could get it correct in the first time so that we can spend less time correcting images and spend more time to actually take images. Who is with me? :)

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