Ms. J is a true girly girl. She likes her hair long, she likes to wear dresses, and keep everything in order. She used to love pink color, but recently declared that pink is boring and opted for purple. :)

She is learning to read the label on every food package, particularly looking for the sugar content (insert giggle here). She said too much sugar is not good for your teeth (you can roll your eyes here. lol).

She would hug me and said, "I love you mommy. You are the best in the whole world." Who doesn't love to hear that. She can also be a little goofy like the other night when she suddenly ran to the bathroom while E was brushing his teeth. Then I heard E screamed, "Ooooouch!" (insert imagination of a face in so much pain here for dramatic effect. Then Ms. J ran back to me, giggling and said, "I just bit papa!" I said, "WHAAAAT? Give me high five!!" (yeah, I am bad).

She also has a kind heart and a deep care for others. She would give me a massage with her little hands when I complain that I have a headache. Then she would hug and kiss me and then ask, "Are you feeling better?"

I am so blessed and delighted that she is part of my life....

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