My husband usually works on Saturday (please insert boo-ing sound effect here) so it would be just me and Ms. J on Saturday. She has a ballet and tap class that finishes at 2.30 pm and if we were in a blank mode as to what to do next, we usually just go home and spend the rest of the afternoon together.

One Saturday afternoon, I got really bored and ran out of idea of games we could play. So I asked her, "Can I dress you up and take your pics?" Ms. J said, "Okaaay.." (as in... again, mom? really? you mean now? sigh...). LOL. OK, I overreacted here.

So I put on a dress on her and a headband from Chic Pretties. I picked up my camera and then she suddenly ran to the window. I was ready to give her a deep sigh until I saw what she was trying to do. She peeled off a lips-shaped window sticker and pressed it on her own mouth. LOL... I think that's quite a lovely photo prop.

.Who are you calling Goofy?.

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