I love going to a farm so when we received a letter from Ms. J's school that they are looking for volunteers to help with a farm trip, I decided to take a day off (tee hee hee). I got to sit in a school bus with 21 Kindergarteners who were extremely excited and full of energy (and yes, they are louder that HS-ers).

We started the day with a pony ride, continued with hay ride and the children got a chance to pat the animals at the farm. At the end of the day, I didn't know whether because they were sad or because they spent all of their energy at the farm ... but they sat quietly during the trip back to school. :)

I also got to meet Mr. A (Jo once told me that he has green eyes) who shared with me that he would go to 42nd Street later in the afternoon to celebrate his father's birthday. "He is 46 today," he said. "I made him card so I don't have to spend money to buy one. My dad says we are not supposed to spend money for unnecessary things," he continued. Sigh...I wish I could preserve children's innocence.

Later at home, Jo asked if I had fun (I thought I am the one who's supposed to ask her that question?). I said, "I didn't." She asked, "WHHYYYYY???" I said, "Because I had SOOOOO MUCH FUN!" and we burst into laughter.

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errr...lens is not wide enough to accommodate everyone. LOL. Sorry....
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Ms. A couldn't hide her excitement that she was going to ride a ponny (lol)and Mr. A is a handsome little man with gorgeous eyes!
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