Well, we have. Last Saturday, we told Ms. J that we were going to Cunningham Park so that I could take her pictures, to which she agreed. She even said, "I would give you my best pose, mommy." (heart melting here..)

So we took a bus and when we got off from the bus, she looked a little confused when she saw big tents at the park. She murmured, "Hey, what are those tents for?" (I don't know...) Then, she yelled, "Oooooh it's the Big Apple circus. I know it because I saw you holding the paper (brochure, dear) last week!" (oh darn!) We are not a good liar, I guess.

We really enjoyed the show and if you wonder why the pics posted are completely not related with the circus, it's because I decided to really enjoy the show instead of worrying about exposure :) But we went to another park afterward and I did took pictures. Aaaah warm weather and sun, glad that you are finally here. Oh and I am also featuring my new photo prop, a bunting flag from Stuff So Simple! Tee hee hee.

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