Ms. J really loves her teacher or really likes pretending to be a teacher. She would pick up a book and read it for her "class". She would say in a firm tone, "Boys and girls, please be quiet. Otherwise, I am not going to read this book for you." Other time, she pretends that she is having a conversation with another teacher about their meeting schedule. LOL.

Watching her imagining and pretending to be someone is such a delight! I feel like that I am actually seeing her teacher talks and treats the students in her class. LOL.

This is when she read a book to her class last Friday. Of course she had to end it with a silly face.

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Handayani Imelda Cyntia said...

hehehehe.... she is just like my little sister when she was a little. She also like pretend to be a teacher or a model (usually using my mom's high heels). Lucky you Ms. J, you have a talented mom. Love your work Debbie.... keep up a good work girl .... :)

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