One of my colleagues got married yesterday and she allowed me to come with her when she tried on her wedding dress. The dress is soooo beautiful. Simple yet delicate and with lots of lovely layers. When she put the dress on, I knew immediately that she would look gorgeous and lovely on her big day.

The place is a little small so I really had to squeeze myself to get some shots. Thus, the cropped head, chopped hands, etc. LOL.

Congratulations S and J. I am wishing you all the beautiful things a marriage life could offer and thank you for allowing me to come with you to document this.

I searched some wedding quotes. I found plenty. But my favorite is this one:
.Marriage is not just spiritual communion, it is also remembering to take out the trash.
~ Joyce Brothers ~
Ain't that true? LOL.

Sarah Diptych 1
Sarah Diptych 2
Sarah Nodip
Sarah Triptych
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