I recently joined the Bloom Forum as suggested by Valeria of the Red Balloon Photography. I was looking for a forum that could help spark the creativity and I feel that this forum is a good place for that. I so look forward to participate in this forum as often as I can.

This week's theme is Growth. I was thinking about a growing flower (not sure tho), a growing feet (not sure how to put it together tho), a line of Jo's shoes since she was a baby (except that I've donated them.) Until she took shower and tried to fit herself into her stool, which she has obviously outgrown. Ha! By the way, today is also her Kindergarten graduation day and I am still trying to deal with that fact.

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by!

Bath Dyp

Please visit Lisa Turner Photography to see her take for this week.

Luv this. Great way to kick off ur project. We are thrilled to have u in our group. Ur work is gorgeous...can't wait to continue to follow ur journey this yeAr. And btw...isn't Val the best...so sweet ;)

Emily said...

I'm so glad you've joined! I'm a fan of your work... last night I checked out your flickr and I just love love love your soft and dreamy flower photographs, especially. And your photos for this week's theme are beautiful. :)

Daniella said...

nice Deb ! As always.....i hear u....about that growing part :)

Lee, Shea, Luke and Charlie said...

glad to have you in our group! love these shots and i know what you mean about dealing with kids growing up! my oldest had his pre-k graduation and I cried for a week!

Jayme Franklin said...

Welcome to the group. This is a great interpretation of the theme. I can't wait to see more of your work!

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