We headed to Kissena Park (again..) during the long weekend of Memorial Day. We had a mini picnic and Jo was really looking forward to it because she wanted to bring along her new tent. We set up the tent and Jo was happily playing until she spotted two Mr. Flies inside her tent. She panicked, thinking that the flies would bite her (they are flies, Jo ... not bees! Yes, mommy but they are still inside the tent!!!) and left the tent vacant for the rest of the picnic.

On another note, I got a chance to buy sunflowers and the florist refused to give me ONE extra leaf. ($1 for 1 leaf! Sheesh...) On another note (this phrase seems effective to use when my writing is jumping from one point to another..), Jo embraced my idea of using sunflowers as a prop. She grabbed them and sang them a lullaby. :P

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