I was elated when I learned that this week's theme at Bloom Forum is Backlight. I super love backlight.

Disclaimer: Two days ago, I read in a photography newsletter that the type of pictures that I display here are a big NO. Oops! The article argues that you are supposed to put your subject in a certain position so that the flare doesn't cover the head or face. But I love covering and blanketing my subject with the sunflare. Lol.

I personally think that it is good (a must actually) to learn photography techniques but that shouldn't stop you from shooting in a style that you like. I feel that photography is a medium to channel and translate images that I envision. It is a matter of personal taste, choice, and creativity. But I would love to hear different thoughts as well. :)

I've been taking a lot of backlit images and most of the time process them in a vintage feel. I am trying something new today by going with pinkish tone. :) Happy Friday and enjoy the long weekend!

52 on Friday Backlight
52 on Friday Backlight 2
52 on Friday Backlight 3 BLOG size

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Emily said...

absolutely luscious... soft and bright-- my favorite!!! :)


Absolutely dreamy! Love

Kelly said...

Beautiful images of a beautiful girl!

Shea Parker said...

this is amazing! love the light and she is precious

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