Afternoon walk during summer is one of my favorite things. We live near Queens Botanical Garden and we often go there just to see the flowers, sit or roll on the grass, or play pretend. We went there two weeks before we departed to Jakarta and Jo wanted to bring Vanessa (her doll, whose name was previously Jolie. LOL.)

She had a blast and her nurturing mood has started to really kick in. She carried Vanessa around, gave her drink, shopped for food for her, and put her to sleep. She even carried her on her shoulder and demanded her to stay put when Vanessa was limping all over to the right and left. LOL.

Diptych 1
Diptych 2
Diptych 3
Diptych 4
Diptych 5

your daughter is so beautiful. the perfect model. love your color!

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