Okaaay.. she is five and a half. :)

She likes to create a scenario and does a lot of pretending. This afternoon, she finished brushing her teeth and turned her back when she heard my camera clicked. I said, "Can I take your pictures?"
She said, "OK. Let's pretend I am brushing my teeth again, okay?"
I said,"Of couuurrseee, okaaaay!"

Perhaps you look at this pic and say "what the duck?" But I've been so inspired with out of focus, old BW, grainy look. Although sometimes my vision could be BLEH and uncommon, I found that shooting what I envision is way more pleasing. :)


i love your vision

eileen said...

love it! like a dream!
love the little things shots..

Anonymous said...

Very interesting take on the every day life! I love the abstract nature of the images. Great job!!!


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