First I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the encouraging, lovely, and comforting comments on my previous post about my father. I really appreciate them!

This week's theme on the Bloom Forum is Nature. One of the reasons why I don't join gym (besides laziness and 1,000 other excuses) is because I love outdoor and nature. I would go crazy if I had to stay home the whole day. I love going to gardens, parks, and all things nature related. Although I love nature and outdoor activities, I am not really into camping. Unless the camp site has a clean bathroom. LOL.

Some of you also asked how I did the star bokeh when I did the On the Shelf theme. It's super easy and I promise I'll do a tutorial when Internet access is more reliable. :)

I share this weekly challenge with 14 other talented women. To see their takes on this week's theme, please start by visiting Kate of The Rancher's Wife Photography.

RESIZE SHarpen Love Couture M4H Spunsilk Dove Pop Mybacklight Sky overlay WITH Flim shift general
Jessi said...

Gorgeous! Love this shot!

Laurie said...

Oh my goodness. she is such a beautiful little princess! Love this photo of her prancing in the meadow Debbie!

emily said...

that fluffy tulle with the grass and the fluffy clouds up above... this photo is luscious. I love it.

Lisa Turner said...

Welcome to our group! I love the feel and colors of this image. Beautiful!

Chrissy said...

So, so pretty. I just adore this image, the colors, the sky, her dress! Beautiful!

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