Week 32 on Friday on the Bloom Forum. This week's theme is Shallow Depth of Field.

It's been crazy busy in the last few days. I thought having a vacation means more free time to take pics. How wrong I was! :) But I am just glad that I get to spend time to meet old friends and most importantly to take care of my father.

Here's my take for this week's theme. These are my mother's spools. My mom used to be one of the finest embroiderer when she was really young. She became an embroiderer so that she could use the money to pay for her tuition fee. She continued doing this until she had me and she even embroidered all my baby clothes (which are still in good condition and I used them for Ms. J). That was like 37 years ago. She still keeps the spools and the old sewing machine. So when I arrived home a week ago, these are one of the things that I immediately looked for to be photographed.

Here's for you mom. Hugs!
.For Mom.

Please continue the circle by visiting Kate of the Rancher's Wife Photography. I am sure you'll like what you'll see.
emily horton said...

oh, debbie-- this is so soft and beautiful. i love it.

Laurie said...

Totally what Emily said!! I LOVE this shot. and the colors.. and the DOF!


Gorgeous Debbie. Luv your tones here.

Val Spring said...

This is gorgeous, Debbie! Love the colors and tones!

melissa deakin said...

i love, love, love this image!
the soft tones are just incredible, debbie.
i too love vintage thread!
beautiful work!

Kate said...

I love love love these colors and it is so soft and beautiful!

Jessi said...

This is really great. The colors are so soft! This would look cute hanging in a sewing room (not that I sew or anything!).

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