I met Ms. V and immediately fell in love with her.

Ms. V has a wardrobe full of costumes that makes me and Jo turn green with envy. For sure, she is playful.
Violet Diptych 5
Violet Diptych 4

She is full of smiles...
Violet Diptych 1

and she loves water... (Go Nemo, Go!)
Violet Diptych 6
Violet Diptych 7
Violet Diptych 8
Violet Diptych 3
Violet Diptych 9

I am fortunate to be able to capture a girl that is so full of life!
Marga said...

Debbie,we love it..
Those pictures really captures her character...
Thank you....

Ivonne Hadisurya said...

My gosh Deb..that is really our Violet! Well captured. Bravo!!

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