I am so glad Friday is here.

I am sharing this photography challenge with 14 other amazing photographers. This week's theme is Body Parts. I think all body parts are just equally important but I chose LEGS simply because I've experienced how it felt being a cripple. I broke my left leg when I was 9, just 1 month before my first ballet performance. I broke my right ankle when I was 29. Luckily I only broke my left arm (I was not kidding and totally didn't make this up). LOL.

I envy Jo's legs. They are long and lean (just like GAP jeans). Mine ... I'd rather not to talk about mine.

Happy Friday!

52 Friday Body Parts

Please visit the talented Chrissy of My Lily Rose to continue the circle.
jessi said...

I love those boots! So cute! Great work!

Laurie said...

Ah, I love these shots. I love the ruffled skirt, I love those boots, I LOVE those legs!! Gorgeous Debbie!

melissa deakin said...

such adorable legs and those boots are fabulous!
love all of these!


debbie - im in love with taht first shot...love the movement and tone. gorgeous.

Jayme F. said...

Absolutely adore the perspective on the first shot! Way to rock it!

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