It's Fridaaay!! And it means 52 on Friday on Bloom Forum. This week's theme is Delicate. I've been MIA from this project for quite sometimes, so it feels good to be back.

Actually I almost gave up on this week's theme. I just didn't know to turn it around into something special. Then I realized that I really love baby and little kids' skin. Their skin is just so soft, delicate, and smell so sweet. I especially love Jo's soft hair that falls on her neck or on her forehead. So this is the picture for this week's theme.

Resize Sharpen Jocelyn

Happy Friday!

Please visit the amazing Kate of The Rancher's Wife Photography. She has something really cute, you have to see it!
melissa deakin said...

oh debbie,
i just adore your interpretation of delicate.
this is perfect!

Kate said...

Debbie I adore this interpretation too. I love my boys cheeks and necks.

Laurie said...

Ooh.. I love this, I also love the back of my daughters neck. Perfect interpretation!

emily said...



this is perfect! so delicate

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