This year, summer was wonderful for me and Jo. But miserable for my husband, E. Lol. We were lucky to be able to visit my family and friends back home, while E had to say in NY for work.

My parents in law were thrilled to be able to see Jo again. Some of their comments:
WOW, she is tall. (Yes, I feed her)
She is talkative. (Tell me about it!)
She just can't stay still. (Oh, Lordy)
She loves to play football. (I think she loves to play with a ball rather than football haha)
She eats a lot. (Just like me!)

They took her to Safari, sort of like a zoo but they don't keep the animals in cages. They let them wandering around just like in their original habitat. We use a car to drive around and we can even feed some of them with carrots or bananas. It was a lot of fun! My favorite part is the Giraffe zone. They just looked so friendly, cute, curious of the slowly passing cars, but elegant with their long necks.

summer vacation
Diptych 1
Diptych 3

...till next time, Jakarta.
Laurie said...

These photo's are amazing! So glad you had a wonderful vacation visiting your family!

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