This week's theme on Bloom Forum is Reflection. Of course my immediate thought was mirror, water, anything that can reflect. But then I was astounded to learn that Steve Jobs passed away on Wednesday. I realized that life is full of colors but also it is delicate, soft, and fragile life.

Having only an iPod touch perhaps doesn't count me as an Apple addict (though I've been thinking of getting an iPhone) but I admire him for his vision, leadership, his strategies, and his views on life. He didn't allow self pity or bitterness and chose to look the series of unfortunate events from the positive angle.

My mom once said that you can measure a man by how many people that mourn him on the day he died. It gives me a chill to read that so many people pay wonderful tribute to Jobs.

I feel that his life is a good reflection on how we can live our life. Sometimes I take pictures to please people, to be acknowledged, to get comments. This, has taken away my vision. So I am learning to trust myself, my instinct and what I believe rather than allowing myself being carried away by the mainstream. I think it is good to be one of crazy ones. The hardest part is that I am still learning to see the series of unfortunate events as dots that can lead to a better future. I think this quote matches perfectly with his Standford commencement speech.

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”
― Søren Kierkegaard -

Flower 4

Happy Friday. It will be warm and sunny in New York. Hope you'll have lots of sun in your life too. Please continue the circle by visiting the talented Melissa Deakin. Her take on this week's theme is amazing!
emily horton said...

I love your photos so much! Soft and lovely.... :)

Krista Keller Photography | Danville CA said...

Great write up this week! I think I might be one of the crazy ones too! Your image is so soft and peaceful. Love it!

Jessi said...

This is gorgeous, the photo and the writing.

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