I had a phone chat with my little sister the other day. We were giggling, laughing until we talked about our parents. Then I started to cry. And she said, "Don't cry. Don't be sad. We have strong parents!" ... and that's it. It hit me. Just like that. She was absolutely right. So today, I am thankful for strong parents.

My father lost his job when the financial crisis hit Asia in 1998. He tried to support the family by selling spring rolls and clove cigarettes from market to market. My mom tried to help by selling traditional baked chicken.

My father had a stroke nine years ago that left him being dependent on others for his daily needs. My mom has been taking care of him with so much love and commitment that still keep me and my sister in awe.

When I was struggling to finish my postgrad degree in Australia, I called them in tears. They said, "We will not push you to finish it. It's just so not you. You are a person who don't give you easily." That's all they had to say and that's all that I needed. I finished my study on time and landed on a job one month later.

We've been in many situations in our lives as a family. The ups, the downs. Through all that roller coaster ride, my parents continue to teach me about perseverance, to always being humble, to be ready to help others, to never give up easily, and to never settle in mediocre. I am thankful for strong parents.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Laurie said...

What a beautiful post Debbie, you have amazing parents.. and they raised a strong daughter! Happy Thanksgiving"

heidi said...

Wonderful post. :)

Kate said...

such a lovely post for your parents Debbie. I hope you shared this with them. Happy Thanksgiving.

melissa deakin said...

such a beautiful and special post, debbie!

Anonymous said...

beautiful post indeed. love your heart debbie!

hope you had a wonderful holiday


Jayme F. said...

Hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Lots to be thankful for!

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