Please excuse the mommy goggles here. Yes, another pics of Jo. Sigh...
But we just happened to take a walk in a park after her tap school. It was about 45 minutes before the sun set and the light was just oh.. sooo... pretty. Golden hour. 'Nuff said! :)

She will be six in couple of weeks and is super excited about it. Sigh... She wants to bring cup cakes for her friends at school (Oh dear and baking is not my thing. Sigh!) and wants me to be present. She also wants to see a movie in a cinema on her birthday (isn't she demanding? LOL.)

I've been taking a lot of pics of her just because I want to freeze the moment. I enjoy seeing her growing up into a confident little lady (she said the other day that she only believed in herself!) But I have to admit that I miss my baby Jo. All those sleepless nights, staying awake at night for nursing time, browsing fist baby food on the net, noting every milestone, comparing growth cart, researching daycare and schools ... they are all worth the effort.

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