I love using props in my photography. Who doesn't love vintage trunks, head bands, flowers, tutu dress, jars and candies, or dolls? And.. those are just a few. I've seen a photographer who used piano, vintage airplane, and vintage mirror as photo props. How lovely!

But there are times when I prefer to focus on my little girl. Just her, being her.

I gave her a haircut on Friday and she was so pleased with it. We took a walk again after her tap and jazz class on Saturday. She said she wanted to sing out loud while playing guitar. LOL. Then she pretended that she was Nim and that she was protecting the island (she recently watched Nim's Island and was blown away by the character.)

I showed her the pictures that I took that day. She said, "For the pictures when I was singing, you should call them The Fresh Beat Band. For the pictures when I was holding branches, you should call them Nim is protecting the island. LOL. I just love her imagination.

She really reminds me to be a child again once in a while. To let our imagination runs free and see where it takes us.

Diptych 1
Diptych 2
Diptych 3
Diptych 5
Diptych 15
Diptych 4
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Diptych 11
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