It's week 47 at Bloom Forum and the theme is People/Stranger. I have to admit that this is probably the scariest theme of all. I am not a social butterfly and I don't feel comfortable approaching a stranger and ask him/her if I can take his/her picture. I also don't want to just secretly snap pics of strangers without them knowing.

A few months ago, a friend visited New York. He is also into photography and asked me if I could show him around. Central Park is obviously on his list of places he wanted to visit (of course...). So off we went.

We saw this gentleman playing classic music with his cello. He played beautifully. I waited until he stopped and asked him if I could take his pictures. He smiled and nodded (PHEW!!!) I was actually waiting for a time when he would take a break so that I could speak with him and learn more about his story. But he was so carried away with his cello ... I waited for a good 10 minutes and he just didn't stop. LOL. So here you go.

52 on Friday Stranger

Happy Friday everyone. Please visit Krista of Krista Keller Photography to see who she captured for this week's theme. I know I can't wait!
Chrissy said...

Beautiful, Debbie! I'm the same way, I don't like to approach people to ask if I can photograph them but that's awesome that you did and what you captured is amazing!

heidi said...

This is great!!!

Krista Keller said...

I love these! I love the tone, how you paired them and the feel I get from them! Just beautiful!

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