Once upon a time in New York, there was a coffee shop that I loved. The interior was perfect and the coffee was divine. My latte was served in a damask motif cup with a perfect amount of foam.

aaaa....coffee love...

Oh my darling, do you not see
Without you I am not able to be
Each morning you awaken my body and mind
And always beside me, you, I loyally find
I watch the steam pass free from your lip
I savour what is to come as I hear your first drip
Dark, strong, smooth and intoxicating
For you my love I don’t mind waiting
Those strange noises you make each morning
The start of the day on my mind is dawning
Slowly you grunt into your rhythmic action
Making ready for our sweet chemical reaction
You give me so much each day, my darling one
Without you, my love, my day cannot be begun
You alone the cobwebs of my mind do shake
A day of sweet music we soon will make
You stir me, inspire me, not one drop from you will I waste
As at last you offer me that first oh so sweet taste
Silky heat as first you touch my eager lips
The delight and pleasure send my mind into back flips
Oh baby, baby, yes I love you such a lot
My darling, my beautiful, sweet coffee...
Poetry by JeMs

Rebecca Lily Strawberrie ButterCup 35mm white solid color
Rebecca Lily Strawberrie ButterCup 35mm white solid color2
Anonymous said...

gue ga mau jadi saingan pujangga amrik tapi boleh ga sharing?

Buah Mangga. Buah Kopi.
Kalau dingin pakai topi.

Amarie said...

Very nice!

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