This is the last week of 52 project that started in 2011. It's been a lovely journey that I shared with other talented photographers I met through the Bloom Forum.

This week's theme is Self Portrait (uh-oh). I am so bad at self portrait, which kinda explain why I never change my profile pic on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or Pinterest. LOL.

This one is no different. I tried different pose, different angle, but never really like the results. The best ones are the ones where my face are not included in the pic. Ha!

So here you go...Oh, and err yeah the book is more for a prop than as an actual book. Just so that I look a little smart reading something related to politic. :D

Sara eleven six

I so can't wait to see what the other photogs come up with. Let's start with Krista Keller of Krista Keller Photography!

you crack me up debbie.

but wow! couldn't love this more. just couldn't. perfect! and can i pls steal your style??

Debbie Wibowo said...

LOL...of course Hope.


I love this angle! Great idea.

Laurie said...

Oh wow you adorable preppy girl!!! Love those boots.. and that bag!!
This is the perfect photo.. how did you do this in the library?? :)
I always love your post processing.. and your use of light. Your daughter is amazing and she has one creative mama!!! I hope the best for you this on coming year, and your parents.. The Lord's blessings to you all! xoxo

laura evans/photography said...

this is gorgeous ... i love the composition of it & the book is super cute. xx

Jessi said... the boots and bag...super cute! Great meeting you. I will continue to follow your blog!

Kelly said...

Nice shot - love that bag too! So glad you were part of our group!

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