When January started, I enthusiastically decided to do another 365 project. When I did this project two years ago, I enjoyed all the new things that I learned in one year. This year, I was hoping that this project would help me learn or achieve something new too.

The first two weeks passed and I think I was doing pretty good in terms of committing to take one picture per day. But I feel that my pictures are "empty". They are just pictures. Soon, the project is more like an obligation, a feeling that I totally don't like and doesn't go well with creativity. :) (don't you think?) The project doesn't give me the same kick when I first did it.

I felt like I need to pursue a new venue but didn't have a clue what I should pursue...until...few days ago when I learned about Kristen Cook Photography. I checked out her blog and oooh dear... I immediately fell in love with her "Photo a Day" project in BW. Her pictures are so full of emotion and discovering her blog was like an "AHA" moment for me. I love colors and my pictures are 99.99 percent in colors. But BW is a different world. I plan to not using any props at all or doing a planned shot. Just to capture what happen in our everyday life. So with this being said, I make it public that I am not going to continue my 365 (boo!) and will embrace BW to capture what I see in everyday's life (with my daughter as the main focus, of course...hahaha. Oh poor child!).

I left a comment on Kristen blog asking her permission to do similar project. She graciously said yes. :) I am not going to take one pic per day, only every other day when I feel that those small things are worth to be captured and preserved as memories. And oh yes, I will continue to take pics in colors too. :)

Her silliness is something that I always love and grateful for. She grabbed her bottle water after dinner and tried to place it in on top of her nose. Five minutes and several unsuccessful attempts later, she got a little frustrated and decided to show it on her face. :)
1 small left big right

I got home and found her like this. She said she had a headache. I hugged and kissed her, and she managed to share that she was selected as "Writer of the Month" (insert proud smiling face here, please!). I said that I would prepare dinner, she said OK. When I checked on her ten minutes later, she was asleep. She woke my husband up at 1:30AM and said she was hungry. :D I was just glad that she didn't wake me up and that I could sleep through the night. Ha!

Her visit to Jakarta last year left her a lovely memories. She can't stop talking about her grandparents and how much she misses them. I was wrapping a package to send it to my mom and she decided to make a card for grandma while waiting for dinner. She made sure she wrote "From Writer of the Month" on the box. LOL.
Amarie said...

I love this! What a unique twist on doing a 365! I really need to work on creating more black and whites. :)

Daniella said...
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Daniella Tjahjanto Photography said...

Cool Deb ^^ , Kiss for Jo ! Now 'lm stucked with my project ^^

andrea{}hurley said...

Wonderful, Debbie! Your color work is so beautiful, I'm excited to see the wonderful things I'm sure you'll bring to B&W.

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