I love looking up to the sky and take pictures of the soothing color of blue sky, fluffy clouds, branches, and birds. This time, I was fortunate to meet a bird that was not shy of a camera lens. :)

Several people asked me how to get a dreamy, milky tone in my pics. Well, I am sharing you one of my editing technique now ... one of my techniques to achieve this is by using textures. Now, there are many textures that allow you to achieve different end results. Grungy look, distressed, rustic, as well as painterly. One of my favorites textures are textures offered by Flypaper. Now, how do I know which textures to use for a picture? Well, I don't. :D I've learned that working with textures requires patience. There are many times that I apply several textures, don't like the end result, and have to try all over again. But I enjoy the creative process and here's one of my recent play with Flypaper textures.

Before After Bird receipe

Here's the recipe just in case you want to give it a try. All textures used are from Flypaper Texture Box 2.
- Sunflower Sky @ multiply 42% - masked off from the bird
- Burnished @ screen 32%
- Marie Antoinette @ soft light 52% - masked off from the bird
- Lavender Sky @ vivid light 22% - masked off from the bird
- Level adjustment to adjust brightness and contrast

FP recipe

Once again the before and after in a bigger size.

Bird Flypaper Receipe
Sysommay said...

So pretty! It's like a painting. You make me want to step out of my comfort zone and try something different. Well done!

Dominique said...

I am following you faithfully debb :)

Amarie said...

I love how the texture looks like soft clouds!

Teresa said...

Debbie . .you left a lovely comment on my blog and I wanted to find you and say thank you . . .I'm so glad I did . . . . .I love your work . . .Teresa x

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