I am a light chaser (not sure if that term actually exists.) I love bright light. I am inspired by light. And I am also inspired by colors. I don't have a favorite color because I love all colors, every single one of them. Bright, bold, vibrant, dark, light, pastel colors. All of them. :)

When I take a picture, I always look for the light and also what I can use as a background to make the picture stands out. I noticed this berries during an afternoon walk with Jo (one of our favorite activities.) The little red berries look cute and lovely with a little of light fell upon them. The berries stood out among other little berries and green leaves. I saw a potential in that bush. I saw "a background" for my little berries. LOL.

Keep on reading sweet peeps as I am going to share with you how I edited this image.

Here's the SOOC. A little too dark and cold.

Here's what I did during the editing:
Berries edit

  • ran Florabella Color Lush Action, tweaked it. I turned off the lighten layer, turned down the opacity of contrast layer, and turned down the whole action opacity to about 70%.
  • ran Florabella Milk Action, turned off the more hazy layer, turned down the lighten layer.
  • now here's the fun part...I added Bokeh 4 texture from Shadow House Creations at multiply (21%) and overlay (8%).
  • added a curve adjustment layer, change the blending mode to soft light and turned down the opacity to 45%.
  • added a white solid color adjustment, turned down the opacity to 4%.

...and here's the edited image. Ta-da......

Hope you find this useful. Will be sharing more secrets so make sure you subscribe to the blog ;)

Dominique said...

so generous of you, Deb.. sharing tutorial :) i am very proud as a friend. :)

Debbie Wibowo said...

thank you, Donny. Hope this helps. :)

Amarie said...

What a transformation! Wow!

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