Yesterday was 1st grade Art Show day at Jo's school. Of course I had to go! :)

The children made art clay work, collage, black and white paintings, as well as color paintings. I am impressed! The teacher also prepared artist's snacks, which were cheese, grapes, and crackers in a big platter. Fancy!!! :)

My husband and I took a look at the color painting that adorned the hallway and because the painting don't have the children's names, we took guess of which one is Jo's. The we decided to just take a pic of every single painting and later showed her so that she could tell us which one is hers.

Later when she arrived at home...
Me: "Can I show you the pics that I took at your school today?"
Jo: "Sure..."
Me: "Which one is yours, Jo?"
Jo: "I made a (painting of) window."
Me: "Papa and I took a guess of your art. Is it this one?"
Jo: "No, that's not mine..."

She frowned, then she said, "I don't remember which one is mine." LOL. Oh dear...

Regardless, I immediately fell in love with all the paintings. I think it's art in its purest form. The children drew what they had in mind, being bold in colors and shapes. Looking at these beautiful paintings, I feel that they were so free in expressing themselves. Isn't that a very beautiful feeling?

Art 14
Art Show
Art Show 2

Hope your weekend is as colorful as those lovely paintings.
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