When I first saw Marianna's collection of pictures on her Flickr stream, I had to pick my jaw from the floor.

I've seen many photographers who are doing selfie. All of them are pretty but Marianna's work is truly different and eye catching! I love how she uses the blur effect on her pics, the way she incorporates textures into her work (scratchy but so pretty and artsy), how she interprets her idea, and the whimsy feeling her pictures convey. I took a look at some of her previous work and I love to see how she continues to evolve.

I had the opportunity to get to know her a little better through an interview that I did for Divas and Dreams Mini Magazine (make sure you subscribe! Lots of prettiness and lovely inspiration there!).

I feel that her pictures are honest. She said that she is a chocoholic and a nutella lover and she is not shy to admit that. LOL
Nutella ...

I love her hair and freckles...I really think it goes along very well with her care free spirit.
Week 8|52
Like everyday

She shared with me that doing a self-portrait is an intimate moment with yourself, a unique opportunity to discover you and meet you.
Week 4|52
Week 39/52

She said that photography for her is like yoga. It is like breathing, it is life. When I asked her how would she define her style, she simply said, "I don´t like to define myself because that limits me. Years of work have led me to find the style that I have at the moment but this may change over the years as I am an adventurer and I love to try different things." (Oh I just love her care free spirit!). I love how her creative flair transforms simple ideas into arts.
The Dark & the Divine
Painting dreams

Week 2|52 ... Snow White

"Do things from the bottom of your heart, with all your soul and with all your desire, is the best way to enjoy the process!" ~Marianna Di Ferdinando~

Isn't she inspiring? Read the rest of the interview in Divas and Dreams: The Inside Scoop. Follow Marianna's work through her Facebook page, Flickr, or you can actually buy her work from her Society6 shop.
Marianna Di Ferdinando said...

This is so beautiful!
Thank you Debbie :D XoXo

Isabel said...

This is wonderful, Debbie. I really love Marianna's work, she's soooo talented and a really wonderful woman. Really well deserved this blog post!!!

Daniella Tjahjanto said...

Love Marianna's artwork !she is truely an amazing artist !
And you have done a great job Deb in featuring her ! love love love !

Sr. D. Javier de GarcĂ­a said...

Marianna works very hard and always tries to be creative and original. She deserves this post and a thousand more.


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