What is the chance of waking up one morning and receive an email saying that you've been selected to gift Drew Barrymore? A very slim chance? Well, that's what I thought too.

So I wasn't really leaping out of my bed when I received an email saying exactly that I've been selected to gift Drew Barrymore (besides, I was still half awake.) I've never been lucky in this kinda of thing so I wasn't sure if it was for real. Until I saw the real post on the Artisan Group's website and the information started to sink in. That was when my heart leaped. I felt super lucky and was super happy imagining Drew Barrymore would receive something from me! I love Drew, for her professional and charity works, for her fashion style, and for creative and free spirit.

Then panic started to kick in when I pondered what I should be really gifting her. I don't even have a business card to be included in my gift! Eek!

I don't want to just give her 5x7 inch fine art prints. A fellow photog friend suggested note cards and I think that's a great idea. OK. Note cards it is. But I also want to give her something that she could wear daily.

I've always been in love with Drew's style since she was in her younger age. I always think that she has such a free and creative spirit. So, I decided to use the Flying image and created a silver necklace. I added a coral resin rose to complement the color of the picture (it's a good thing that I love beading too so I have some silver wire ready at home!). Then I wrapped my gift with a silver paper and tied a tulle bow around it. For the outer packaging, I bought all the materials from 99 cent store and attached my home-made business card. :)

Phew! I am quite happy with how it turned out and hope she'll be happy receiving this too.

Diptych 1
Necklace 3
Diptych 3
Daniella said...

love it ! simple yet stunning !!!

Pysiula said...

Amazing! This is so beautiful!

Siska said...


Debbie Wibowo said...

Thank you so much, everyone.

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