My boss sent me to Chicago so off I went. I was a little worried about leaving Jo (this is the 2nd time), but kinda excited about exploring a new city. Oh yes, of course I had to bring my camera although I only stayed for one night.  :)

The first day was busy with back to back meeting until 5:30 pm. My legs were exhausted but I was determined to explore the city. So after checking in at 6:28 pm, I took sometime to recharge and had a facetime with my lil girl back home. She was ready for bed! Oh how I miss snuggling with her in bed.

I found a blister on my feet (Darn new shoes! Who says flat shoes are comfortable?) Tissue didn't work. I traveled very light (no spare shoes or flip flops) so I tucked my left pants inside my shoes. People must think I am a crazy lady. LOL. Good thing I found Wallgreen (yay!) and after grabbing a band-aid (and a few aisles later) I was lining up to the cashier with a pair of flip flop, two packs of peanuts, and a bottle of orange juice. This is why girls are so bad at shopping!  :)  Now I am ready to explore!
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Fine art April 2
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