Hi lovely friends. 
I am hoping to raise money to help a friend who is battling cancer. Eight years ago, he was diagnosed with nasopharynx cancer. Although he was declared cured after a series of treatment, his condition has been declining since 2010. His recent medical check up revealed that the cancer has spread to his lung and liver. But he won’t give up easily. His positive attitude and spirit in fighting this fight continue to inspire me. His passion in music led him to designing and crafting guitars, SUWIG and actively promoting his craftsmanship.
Cancer treatment is definitely costly and I’d like to ask you to join hands with me to share some love for him.
I am selling my prints and all proceeds will go to him. I offer you to select as many prints from my Flickr stream as you want and all the pictures will be printed on high quality metallic paper. 
-If it’s a square format photo, you will receive this in 8x8 inch (20,32 x 20,32 cm) size and it will cost $20. Some of the pictures in square format are also available in regular size, just ask me.
-Pictures that are not in square format will be printed in 8 x 12 inch (20,32 x 30,48 cm) and they will cost $25.
Please email me (wibowo.debbie@gmail.com) your choice of picture(s) and I will provide you with my paypal information. Once the payment is cleared, I will make the print and ship it off to you.
Some of you might think that you don’t know him so why should you help him. To be honest, I don’t know the answer to this question. I just know that for me personally, it feels nice to be able to help others in need. Besides, you’ll get a chance to display my beautiful work in your property. *cough*
Thank you!
.Fine Art Print Sale for a Charity.
Valeria said...

Great image for a beautiful cause.

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