Jo, this week is a big week for you.

It started on Saturday, when you told me that one of your milk teeth was wiggling. I won't forget how radiant your face looked when you found out about this, as you've been waiting for this moment. You were so concern that most of your friends have lost at least one tooth, while not even a single tooth in your tiny mouth was wiggling.  I guessed that tooth decided to take the fast track route as it fell off on Sunday!

I won't forget how you called me in excitement, "Mommyyyy, my tooth fell off!" and dashed off to the bathroom. I was giggling watching you smiling ear to ear in front of the mirror.

Today, you graduated from 1st grade and was smiling happily inside the school bus. You just can't wait to grow up! I am proud to see how much you've learned and how much your love for learning has really bloomed in the last two years. It always makes me happy to observe how your personality is growing. You are so eager to learn new things, love to make up new songs, and your innocence always melt my heart

You always surprise me with all the things you say.

"Mommy, how can I thank you for all the things you do for me?"  or
"I like it when you are angry to papa but not to me."  LOL. or
"I love you, I'll miss you. God bless you." or
"I love you to the moon and the stars and the space and back, mommy." To which I reply, "I love you with all my heart, with all my life, with all my soul."

Congratulations "peachy peach" for all the milestones and achievements you've accomplished and thank you for making my life beautiful.
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