A good friend of mine was visiting last week. So I took some days off and we visited places that were on her list. I was too lazy to carry my camera so I used my iPhone instead. Kinda fun, actually! :) 

Central Park
Chelsea Market
Little Italy and Canal Street
Biking along Hudson River
Teddy's Bar and Grill in Brooklyn
Coney Island (just for a Nathan hot dog)
Farmer's Market at Union Square
La Colombe (best cup of latte)
Jersey Boys on Broadway

Trust me, those are not the only places we went to. Yep, were were busy and exhausted at the end of the day. Lol.

More pics are available for sale on my Instacanv.as Gallery (http://instacanv.as/debbiewibowo).
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amygrace said...

oh new york, new york how i love and miss you...and how i LOVE your art, debbie! these are so alive, colorful, gorgeous.

Stephanie Moore said...

These shots are awesome. I love all the detail, beautiful job. We love a good staycation!!!

Sarah Albert said...

Love these! It makes me want to go on a staycation too! :)

Cherilyn Haines said...

*sigh* Oh how bad this makes me want to go back to New York. I just LOVE these! And I love that they were all taken with your Iphone. Makes me want to break mine out more often! :)

Skye said...

These are fantastic! Love the colours and the comp of them is fantastic- like the guys in the little window. Fun!!

casey said...

Fun!! I love all of these!


these are lovely. you rocked that iphone.

Angela Chandler said...

Awesome detail shots, looks like fun!

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