I am known as a collector of "junks" in my family. So, my dear husband suggested we stopped by at Brimfield Antique Show on our way to Boston. I delightedly said yes.

I've never seen so many lovely antiques in my life...stacks of wooden boxes,  old prints, vintage cameras, mason jars, soulful dolls, and even Gudang Garam - a cigarette from my country! :) If you are a junk lover like me, you should go there and here are some tips that I learned during my visit.

  1. The show opens three times in a year:  Spring, Summer, and Fall. Check their website for an accurate schedule. 
  2. Look around before you decide to buy. I spotted a cute aqua phone with $45 price tag. The other vendor sell the same item for $90. I snagged a masson jar for $5 while another vendor sells it for $10 a jar.
  3. Bargain because most vendors are willing to mark down their price. 
  4. Make conversation. Most of the vendors are willing to share the history of an item you purchase if you ask. Perhaps you'll earn extra discount by making a conversation :)
  5. Bring water (must!) and some toiletries (tissue and hand sanitizer at minimum.) 
  6. You may need two days to have a good look around because it's a massive market.
  7. Plan another visit...because I know I am going back. ;)

Dyp 10
Dyp 1
Dip 2
Dip 8
Dip 9
Dip 7
Dip 4
Dip 3
Dip 6
Dip 5
Jamie Greenwood said...

Great work Debbie!! Love it! Great edits, so fitting for the items; dank, dusty and somewhat lost... in time. <3

Jamie Greenwood said...

Oh!! I so just noticed the A-Treat boxes!! Being that I just finally moved back to New England... I have been hoping this still exists because I really would love an A-Treat cream soda!!!

O. Joy said...

Looks like a fabulous trip!!!!! :)

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