I am thrilled to win the new Pure Painterly set from Distressed Texture. I love working with textures especially those that create a painterly effect.

Thank you to those who have supported me and allowed me to win this contest. I thought to share the recipe  on how I edited the floral picture. I used End of Summer Flight texture that you can grab for free from her Flickr stream.

Here's the SOOC

End of Summer Flight - multiply @ 19%, mask off from the flower
End of Summer Flight - overlay @ 31%, mask off from the flower
End of Summer Flight - overlay @ 9%, mask off from the flower
The original texture has three little birds, which is cute but I decided to remove them.
Increase the lightness in Hue/Saturation layer
That's it. Easy peasy :)

Distressed Texture

Hope you find this helpful.
teresa said...

Thanks for this Debbie . . .I love seeing how other artists work . . .and this is a wonderful image . . . Teresa x

Carmen said...

Beautiful Macro! I love both, the before & after!! ;)

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