Dear Jocy,

I know you are super excited about going back to school, being a 2nd grader and all. Seeing your passion to read and write, and your curiosity to learn new things always give that warm fussy feeling. I want you to know that I am so proud of you. I am proud to see how much you have grown and have achieved. (Did I see proud twice? tee-hee-hee.)

My heart always melts when you say, "How can I thank you? I know I have to study hard and try my best, but what else that I can do for you?" Do know kiddo, you've done more than you could ever think of. Aim for the stars because I know you can do it. Love you too bits and have another wonderful year at school. I know you'll enjoy this year and will continue to soar.

From our conversation this morning:
Mom, "Why do you love school so much?"
Jo, "Because I love my friends and my teachers."
Mom, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"
Jo, "A teacher. Because they get a looong summer vacation." (I didn't plan that idea!)
Mom, "So, which subject you love most?"
Jo, "I love all subject. But probably science." (There's hope...there's hope)
Mom, "So, what else do you wanna be if not being a teacher?"
Jo, "Mmmm..I don't know. Perhaps work with computer? Like fixing computer and stuff." (Yes, dear the IT world looks more promising. I sound like a real Asian. Lol.)
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Carmen said...

Hi Debbie! Your daughter is so gorgeous! The second picture is my favorite! I love the way you capture her! Wonderful job!!


Amarie said...

What a blessing to have a child so enthusiastic about school! She's going to be an awesome young lady when she grows up. :)

Jessica said...

These are just lovely, and your daughter looks precious!

Jayme F. said...

such a wonderful photo shoot to commemorate the start of a new year of school. I hope she had a great first day!

Rachel May said...

Oh my word, this session is way too cute!!! What an adorable little girl!!

amygrace said...

oh back to school. session. ever. the light and processing of your images gets mor lovely all the time. and she is precious!

Carrie Terrones said...

What a gorgeous back to school session…and love how you documented your morning conversation!

Kasey said...

OMG How cute!!! Her outfit, the apple, the lunchbox, love it all!!!!

Christina said...

What a lovely back to school session. This is the best one I've seen! Love the light & props & your processing. Great job!

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