Our morning conversation yesterday...

Jo: Why were you born first?
Me: Eerrr...hhmm...ah...eeeerrr... (thinking hard here.) Maybe because Jesus wanted me to be the first child.
Jo: Jesus wanted you to be a sister?
Me: Yes. Maybe...maybe...
Jo: So you can be a good sister to Aunty Fara!
Me: Yesss!!! (giggle)

Our dinner conversation yesterday...

Jo: You should be proud of yourself, mommy.
Me: And why is that?
Jo: Because you are such a great sister to Aunty Fara.
Me: (melt! Read this Aunty Fara. Ha! LOL)

She has such a good heart. Two nights before, my husband talked about his (not so good) day at work. After he finished, she asked, "What is you favorite color, papa?" He said blue. The she picked a blue construction paper and made a card for him that says, it's OK if you have a bad day at work. The important thing is you work hard and I make you super happy. LOL. Such a darling!

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Carmen said...

Awww... your daughter is adorable!! What a sweetheart she is!! ;) I also love how you document bits and pieces of her. Writting it down will actually help you to always remember her this way. :)

Gracia Xenia said...

You taught her well Deb.. She has your good heart

Anonymous said...

Lovely shots:)

Vicha said...

She is an angel :)

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