I have been silently following the Letters to Our Daughters project in the last few months and in awe with the idea and the photos that I've been seeing. To me, it is a very wonderful and meaningful project. For certain, this can be a memorabilia and a reminder for both the mom and the daughters about their bond and love for each other for thousand years to come.

So, I beyond thrilled to be able to join this project. I am elated to be able to share this personal project with photographers that I have long admire. Be sure to continue the circle by clicking on the link that you will find at the bottom of this post.

There is no artistic flair in the pictures that I post today. No dramatic sun flares, no gorgeous light, no amazing compo. They are more like snapshots (and I promise I'll do better next month.) But I love the fact that they captured what happened at that moment and show what I really meant with determination. So here we go.

Dear Jocelyn,

There are many qualities that I admire from you. One of those is your determination. It always put a smile on my face whenever you say, “I will try my best, mommy. I will believe in myself.”

Few weeks ago, I watched you play in a playground. You love playing monkey bar and we’ve been helping you all this time so that you can reach the end. That day, I wanted you to try. I watched you tried to move your tiny hands and arms from one monkey bar to the next. I watched you fell. I saw disappointment in your face but also eagerness. Oh, how I really wanted to run and helped you, picked you up, and pushed you so that you would be able to finish the game all the way to the end.

But my dear child, life is not always pretty and the world is not always kind. One day you will learn that not every journey has a clear path. As much as I want everything to go smoothly for you, I know that once in a while you will experience some disappointment (nothing too extreme, I hope.) Or that you will find few bumps here and there. What's important is that you pick up yourself again and learn the lesson. I continued watching you that afternoon, how you put a lot of effort moving your arms, grabbing one monkey bar to the next. I watched you fell and picked yourself up again. From one to two, from two to three, three to four, four to five bars, you were so determined to finish the journey.  

I knew at that time and even now that you will continue to try to reach all the monkey bars and finish the game, if I didn’t tell you to take a rest (because I noticed some blisters that started to appear on your palm.)

Two weeks later, we came back to that playground again. You said you wanted to try again. I said go ahead. And you finished all the 12 monkey bars! I saw your face gleaming with pride and I couldn't be happier. I clapped my hands like you just won a gold medal in Olympic. So my little girl, when things seem to fail...remember that determination can take you really far. I love you for always trying to give your best. I love you for your determination. I love you for being you. 

Lett to Daughter 4
Lett to Daughter 2
Lett to Daughter 5
Lett to Daughter 3

Please read the Letter to Our Daughters that's written by Shalonda Chaddock of Chubby Cheek Photography.
Rashmi Pappu said...

I was smiling ear to ear reading your letter. Your little Jocelyn and my little girl would love to play together! The monkey bars are her favourite too.. and the determination it took to learn to go all the way across made me so proud, just like you!

I remember reading an essay last month (can't recall where).. this mom wrote about what her greatest regrets were as a mother, now that her kids were in college. And her answer was 'not letting them FAIL more'. That answer struck me. We MUST let our kids fail, only through mistakes can they learn their best lessons, and learn to persevere and become people of character. It is tough for us mamas to watch them and not want to help.. it is hard to watch them struggle... but 10 years from now, it will serve them in good stead. I applaud you for letting your little girl learn the monkey bars on her own. Love your spirit and so glad to know you through these Letters. xoxox

Kirsty said...

Debbie, this is wonderful and such an important lesson to be proud of her for - it's so hard sometimes to sit back and watch our girls struggle but it makes them stronger I am sure. And your images tell the story just perfectly - the determination and pride are both there on her face - thank you for joining the circle - I'm looking forward to reading more

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