I am sharing this beautiful project with a group of photographers whose works will make your jaw drops. This is my third month and I enjoy it very much. I even picked up parenting tips from these amazing ladies. After reading this letter, please take a moment to follow the circle, start by heading to the incredible Julia of Julia Stotlar Photography. I really like her lifestyle approach for this month's letter.  

Dear Jo (aka Cadet Jojo, aka Jocy, aka Jojo),

This month we talked about kindness. And you embrace it naturally. 

I am addicted to hearing what you do to others: I let Sharon go first today. I helped Emily with math. I feel bad for Emily because she got a time out today. I said good morning to Ms. C. I helped Mrs. N putting down the chairs from the tables. I prayed for Baby E. I hugged Natalie today. I shopped books for Rafael so he could practice getting to M level. And the list could go on.

The other day, I saw a note from Emily saying that you are a bucket filler of happiness because you smiled to her. 

photo (2)

Thank you for reminding me that the simplest kindness could really brighten up someone's day. 

Oma (grandma) once said to me that when we've grown up and have our own family, people will not ask how much money we have in the bank, or how many cars in our garage. But people will always ask how many children we have. I can proudly say that I have one beautiful daughter. Inside and out. 

May you have a wealth of opportunity to explore the world, continue to discover the beauty of life, and touch the life of others in a beautiful way...the way you've touched mine. 

Jars of stars and sands of love,

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Dip 1
Dip 12
Dip 3
Dip 6
Dip 9
Dip 11
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Dip 7
Dip 10

Anne said...

Aaaw! She looks like such a swee and kind hearted girl, and she is beautiful (as are your photos of her)

Amy Lucy said...

Amazing, Debbie! Your color in your images is just stunning. I can see so clearly what a beautiful little soul your girl is and how proud you are to be her mommy. Just beautiful!

shalonda said...

oh debbie...your images tell such a strong story to me and then words are just perfection...beautiful just beautiful, you both are such incredible ladies

Kirsty said...

Such a perfect reminder of just how much small acts can touch people. And your images are the icing on the cake - just gorgeous

Carmen said...

These images are just so gorgeous! I love how sweet your little one is! Beautiful work Debbie! :)

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