I am so grateful that I can be part of this beautiful project and share this journey with amazing mothers and photographers. Every month, each one of us try to translate our love to our daughters in a letter. It has not been easy for me, as most of the time, I found it difficult to express an overflowing love that I have for my daughter.  It's like the word "love" is just not enough. 

Once you've read my letter, please continue on by reading Sarah Cornish's letter. I learned about Sarah's work of My Four Hens Photography three years ago and it's been amazing to see her and her business grow. You can find the link to her letter at the end of this post. So...here you go. 

Dear My Universe,

A friend once asked me, "What would you do if you didn't have Jo?"

I couldn't answer the questions. I still can't.

What would I do without you? I asked you this question a while back. After a quick pause, you immediately said, "You would burst into tears. You wouldn't have someone to cuddle up with. You wouldn't have someone to help you with your pictures."

I said yes to all of that, .....and to a lot more.

The truth is, I don't know what I would do without you. You might be little, but you have been my strongest and biggest supporter and motivator. I know that there are times when you wish that I just leave you alone and not stalking you with the camera. But most of the time, you allow me to be selfish, to ask you to stop for a moment so that I can capture you. Because of this, I am able to learn photography, something that I am passionate about. It's still clear in my head that during summer you said you would be willing to model for me, so I can practice, so I can take good pictures, so people will like my pictures, and that I will make a lot of money. Your faith and confidence in me left me breathless.

You motivate me to take care of myself by pushing me to exercise. You pat me on the back when I was gasping for air during the exercise, saying that I am doing great. You nonchalantly said, "You are old, mommy. That's why you are not flexible like me. You just have to bend a little further, OK?" (Ouch!)  I found your motivation to stay healthy ("Feel my muscle, mommy." "Papa, you should do this move.") is contagious and I am now looking forward to our afternoon exercise, when we are sweating together, when we cheer up on one another, when we give one another a pat on the back and a high five, and when we collapse together on the mat after the exercise. Just us... 

Since the first time a tiny life started inside me, my world has been revolving around you. I am grateful and truly enjoy the strong bond that we have been growing and nurturing...that imagining a life without you has never crossed my mind. Not even a second.

My sweet Jo, I am closing this letter with a quote that I love, that I think best represent my feeling for you. "I love you and for you, a thousand times over. You are the sultan of my heart, the noor of my eyes." (Khaled Hosseini, the Kite Runner.)

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Rashmi Pappu said...

So beautiful Debbie. Your daughter, she is beautiful.. and the way you capture her essence through your photographs is magic. It is so true.. our children motivate us to become better versions of ourselves. And Kite Runner.. one of my favourite books ever!

Kirsty said...

So many words, and such truth - and from one so young. Beautiful images too Debbie

Life with Kaishon said...

Stop the truck! Your baby is GORGEOUS. Wow. What beautiful pictures. I don't think there is anything I love more than sun flare. It just takes my breath away. Everything about this post is perfect. So glad I could come and visit today. You made my day : ). Love, Becky

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