In the last few years, my family has been going through many things.

Since the stroke left my father paralyzed 10 years ago, my mom has been taking care of him. Wholeheartedly. This involves cooking a special diet meal for him, feeding him, bathing him, shaving him, cleaning him up, and lots of long nights.

This affects not only her emotion, but also her health. She's been in and out of the hospital in the last few months and the doctor finally decided that she needs a pacemaker.

As an individual raised with faith, I tried to accept and understand all of these. However, I am not going to lie, that life is subject to so many changes there are many times when I question the relevance of faith in what's happening in life and the limit one can take in dwelling on what we can not change.

For a long time, the tunnel seems too dark for me. I keep searching for answers from the above, but none came.

Then I realized. All the friends who lent their hands when the flood hit our home last month. All the friends and families who've always been there in the last 10 years, offering their prayers and any kind of supports. All of these make me believe, that even when the tunnel seems the darkest, a little light, no matter how small that is, keeps us going. That humanity still exists. 

We are truly blessed that in our darkest time, many people remind us what LOVE is. And we are blessed that we are LOVED.

Copyright Debbie Wibowo | d*light fine art

Please continue on the circle by visiting one of my favorite photographers, Sabrina Koogler of Sabrina K Photography. 
Valeria said...

Oh Debbie, life is something right? And I guess we are born to make it as sweet as we can, even when we miss all hope. You are doing wonderfull, and by inspiring all of us, karma will do wonders for you. Nicely done as usual.

Anna Dobrenski said...

Debbie, this image is really moving, as is your story. There is so much darkness around us always but if we choose to see light, even the tiniest bit our whole outlook changes. I am so impressed that you choose love and light!

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