"Mommy, thank you for giving me so much love. I love it when you are silly, funny, when you cuddle me. There is no other mommy in the whole wide world like you." 

"How do you know there's no other mommy like me? Perhaps Sharon's mom is also funny and silly." 

"I know Sharon's mom is kind too. But I don't know if she is silly. You are silly and funny might be an opinion (to others.) But to me, it is a fact." 

Dear Jo, 

You always make my heart swells and smiles with happiness with all the things you say. And the little things that you do always give me a warm fuzzy feeling. 

You make me smile every time you quietly walk into the kitchen and hug me when I am doing the dishes. You make me feel important when you ask me to sing you "You Are My Sunshine" in the morning while getting dress for school. 

You make me feel special when you wrap your little arms around me so that we can walk a little closer to each other. You make me laugh so hard when you said that I make you happy when I am mad at papa, but not at you. 

You made me proud when you came home yesterday and announced with your radiant face that your class won the winter reading competition, and to top it off, you were in the top three students who read most books! It's such an enjoyment watching you retelling the story and seeing that happy feeling both on your face and your eyes. 

You make my world completes. And like a like a perfect circle, I will always fall in love with you over and over and over. Head over heels. 


Copyright Debbie Wibowo | Delight Fine ArtCopyright Debbie Wibowo | Delight Fine Art Next in the circle is Kirsty Larmour of Kirsty Larmour Photography. Her work is just beautiful and her daughter are so sweet! I can't wait to read her letter and enjoy her pics.
Kirsty said...

Debbie, she is just adorable - she seems to have this amazing knack for saying just the right things to you - and clearly you do to her - you both bring out the best in each other - that's plain and wonderful to see

Michelle and Justin Cavender said...

AAH! I love these images and I love that you and your daughter have strong an amazing connection. I hope to have that some day with mine. :)

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