I love working with textures. Textures can really transform pictures in a different way, allowing so much creativity and freedom when playing with them. I am a texture junkie and I do have textures from different artists. In this post, I am using textures from Flypaper Textures and French Kiss Textures. Using them in different blending opacity, you can achieve dreamy, painterly, or even vivid and grungy effects on your photos. 

This is the SOOC of a tulip shot that I took two years ago. I use a solid color paper as the background and shot it by standing up. I used natural light that came through the window on my left hand side. Setting at ISO 100, f/2, 1/400 using 50mm f/1.8 lens.

Then I used the following textures to process the picture: 

  • Gelato Ice from Flypaper Texture Spring Painterly at 70% Overlay (mask off from center of the tulip) 
  • Peacock from Flypaper Texture Spring Painterly at 48% Soft Light (mask off from center of the tulip) 
  • Sirocco from French Kiss Tableaux Set at 34% Pin Light (mask off from selective areas) 
  • Bring down brightness in selective area using Curve 
  • Copy background at 42% Screen (move this layer to the very top, mask off from selective areas) 

From the screen shot below, you'll be able to see the order of the textures that I used and the mask off areas.
Screen shot Tulip 

Here's the edited version. Hope you find this useful and have a lovely Sunday.

  Tulip 3 for Blog

If you'd like to try using textures but not ready to invest, there are plenty of free textures that you can use. Just google "Free Textures" and there will be plenty you can download. Just be sure you credit the artists when you are using their textures. 
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