Dear Jo, 

Once in a while, you will hear people say to you that you are quiet or shy. I see you feeling a little uneasy when people say that. 

My dear Jo, I want you to know that those people say that because they don't know you. If they know you or if they try to get to know you, I am sure they will meet your funny side. Like your teacher, Mrs. G said, "Jocelyn works hard but she also knows how to have fun." That sure put a smile on my face. 

I love you for who you are. Your serious side keeps my feet on the ground. Your funny side makes my heart swells and floats in happiness. 

Do you remember when we watched music in the garden performance last summer? You listened to your heart and you were not afraid to dance when nobody else was dancing. There are times when I just had to stop taking your pictures because I couldn't stop laughing watching you. 

Whether you realize it or not, I see how comfortable you are in your own skin. Don't let people label you because being you is a beautiful thing. 

Jars of stars and sands of love, 
Copyright Debbie Wibowo | Delight Fine Art
Copyright Debbie Wibowo | Delight Fine Art
Copyright Debbie Wibowo | Delight Fine Art
Copyright Debbie Wibowo | Delight Fine Art
Copyright Debbie Wibowo | Delight Fine Art

The next in the circle is a talented photographer whose work always speak volume to me. She always translates her beautiful style, vision, and heart into her work and writing. Without further ado, Amy Grace of A Beautiful Life Photo.
Sabrina said...

Such beautiful words and photos :) I think we can all identify with wanting to feel comfortable in our own skin, your daughter is so lucky to have such a supportive and loving mother <3

Kirsty said...

I love this - so few people stand back and let a childs personality shine through - people are so quick to label and yet here you are, the wonderful mother that you are - letting her just be herself - perfect


I can really see the different sides of your sweet girl in these images. every time you post your work grows and is just breathtaking. I love that you are reminding her of something so important. xo

Mägi said...

These photographs.... wow.
Just wow.
So much depth captured. You really captured her, didn't you? Beautiful.

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