My dearest Jo,

I’ve been watching you as much as I can, as close as I can.  I am happy to see how content and joyful you are in your life.  A life that is filled with love from your family, friends, and teachers. A life that is full of wonder (learning new words, new states, new songs, new places.) A life that is sweeten with smile, hugs, cuddles, kisses, and laughter.   

I wish I could preserve all these and that life will treat you nice and fair all the time. But I know that it is not possible because nothing is permanent. Our life is like a river. Constantly flowing. Constantly changing.

As you’ve also been learning, disappointment is also part of our existence, just like unhappiness, tribulation, grief, or heartache. As much as I want to protect you from all these, someday you may have to face them. You will not like them, but...the truth is, those experience will actually help us grow and help us learn to appreciate things that we usually take for granted.

So, when life seems to turn you down, please don't get disappointed. When life seems to be unfair, I want you to remember and appreciate all the little things in life.

Like the little flowers that break the dull of winter colors,
or the wind that kisses your face and blows your hair.

Like the hugs that we give each other every morning,
or the stories that we share each night.

Like the warmth and fluffiness of a fresh laundered towel,
or the ducks that make a pond looks pretty.

Like the ticklish feeling of a bare feet touching a wet green grass,
or the simple pleasure of seeing the sun rise and set.

Like the closeness that we feel when we hold hands,
or spending an afternoon together giggling and dancing.

Like the chocolate trail on your face after an afternoon snack,
or the quietness when we cuddle on Sunday morning.

Because it is the little things that make life big. And one day you will realize, the small things are the most beautiful things you’ll ever discover.

Love you tons and tons.

Delight Fine Art | Debbie Wibowo
Delight Fine Art | Debbie Wibowo
Delight Fine Art | Debbie Wibowo
Delight Fine Art | Debbie Wibowo
Delight Fine Art | Debbie Wibowo
Delight Fine Art | Debbie Wibowo
Delight Fine Art | Debbie Wibowo
Delight Fine Art | Debbie Wibowo
Delight Fine Art | Debbie Wibowo Delight Fine Art | Debbie Wibowo

Next in this wonderful circle of photographers and moms is Jess Sandager of Olive Avenue Photography. She has two beautiful daughters who are really made for each other. I can't wait to read her letters.
jess said...

we were on the same wavelength with our letters this month! these are such beautiful images of your precious girl.amkkk

Amy Lucy said...

These beautiful images make me long for spring and for days when I can play outside with my girls. She is such a beautiful girl and so full of life. Your words are so true and so meaningful. Love this, Debbie. xoxo

amygrace said...

these images are all spring and life and newness. the BEST of those things. your pictures feel as if they were painted. over the top gorgeous. oh, and the hope in your voice, the sweetness and gentleness of your love for her. i feel the home you two make. you are one, and it is warm and close and inspiring. you are a rare gem of goodness in this crazy world, debbie. xo

shalonda said... you grabbed me today, grabbed me right in the heart. i think my addi is only a step behind jo in her journey and i feel like i learn so much from your words to her. but what i love the most is your words, your images and the way you see the light is all ONE. its sugary sweet and filled with warmth. and i adore it

Kirsty said...

Debbie I love your reminders of all the little things - they are those perfect moments that will make her smile when she faces the tough times and she is so lucky to have a Mama who shows her how to take that step back and observe and appreciate

Emma said...

Debbie, you blow me away with your words and your images. I can't get enough of her sweet little face and that last image is just so special. I love how you capture and document the details, these little things that never seem to pass you by unnoticed. <3

Rashmi Pappu said...

Oh Debbie.. your Jo is just so beautiful.. and you are so right.. it is the little things that make our life beautiful.. we just need to show up and pay attention and appreciate them. she will know how to do this because of you. what a great mama you are. xo

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